Wrinkle-free? It depends on the environment variables with the awning cloth!
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Wrinkle-free? It depends on the environment variables with the awning cloth!

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The search for the wrinkle-free awning cloth is as old as sun protection itself. And already too often the solution has been announced. A new cloth material, a new joining process, countless patent applications that could not be realised. So far, nobody has been able to offer a satisfactory solution that could guarantee a wrinkle-free cloth for normal use. With UltraSeam, things should be different. Is that really the case? The GLASWELT took a close look at it.


Shortly after the German border, halfway to Zurich, one finds Jentschmann AG on the Swiss side in Hüntwangen. For many years, machines and systems with ultrasonic roller sonotrodes for ultrasonic cutting, ultrasonic welding, cutting welding and ultrasonic bonding of technical textiles and plastics of all kinds have been very successfully developed and produced here.

In addition to the numerous standard products, we also offer customer-specific special machines with the core technologies of ultrasonic cutting, ultrasonic welding (also ultrasonic sewing), cutting welding, ultrasonic bonding and industrial sewing machines with various sewing processes.

Owner Dietmar Heil took the whole day off to answer all questions, show materials such as adhesive tapes and make numerous UltraSeam butt joints for testing.

Very good solutions

It looks very simple and conclusive when Dietmar Heil equips his UltraSeam system and almost noiselessly two panels of fabric are glued together butt to butt using a special hot melt adhesive tape. According to Jentschman's definition, an UltraSeam fabric is also made from 120 cm wide panels, in principle just like a conventional awning fabric. The special difference lies in the way the fabric is joined, i.e. in the distribution of the fabric tension, which only takes place on one material level. The application of the adhesive tape itself can be neglected when considering the material thickness of 1/10 mm and the material tolerances of the awning fabrics at the butt joint. From this 

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