The most complete home space curtain collocation guide
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The most complete home space curtain collocation guide

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The most complete home space curtain collocation guide

If the curtain is chosen wrong, it is true to cover all cannot cover, good-looking furniture is decorated again, tie-in an ugly curtain, the effect that comes out also is not ideal!Be sure to do your homework before you choose.

01 /  Living room

The curtain of living room part pursues simple but elegant easy and capacious and the light is bright, colour should coordinate with the photograph such as wallpaper furniture.

Curtain and the color matching depth that hang a picture are close, clever adjust dimensional atmosphere.

Curtain color and color of dimensional metope take the color of the different color number that same color fastes, for instance metope is coffee color, the curtain can choose shallow brown or camel color.

High saturation color contrast enhances the tone of the space, integrating with the modern and luxurious atmosphere of the space, not only attracts the eye, but also brings a different sense of freshness.

The living room is under the condition that does not consider shading, gauze is qualitative also be a kind of right choice, lightsome and elegant, have kind of different romantic mood .

02 /  Bedroom

Bedroom part basically goes after qualitative thick sweet sound insulation on the function, curtain flower color needs to taste with the bed or photograph of wallpaper harmonious.

Different space, the color of the curtain and design choice also are not identical the grain of the curtain and the element on the bed that taste each other echo, the administrative levels that the yellow that chromaticity differs promotes a space feels.

Can choose and space metope and cabinet color is close to grayscale

Space color is very concise and unified, so if the curtain chooses too bouncing color, can destroy this kind of halcyon feeling instead.

03 /Children room

The colour in the decoration design of children room should not be commonly use partial dark tonal, dark can cause psychological depressive feeling to children with high pure color, with the curtain of contrast, let a room full of warm, bright and pleasant vision effect if no characteristics of pure color, with a cartoon of the curtain also is right choice, and cartoon modelling the bedding to highlight if tong qu and personality boy room, blue and white is the best choice,Deserve to act the role of should assure concise and easy, highlight the lovely and mischievous of the boy, the space colour that is full of individual character girl room is given priority to with pink yellow light blue wait for tonal give priority to, highlight the girl space with dreamy romance .

04 / Dining room

Dining-room part seeks lively atmosphere of joy and lively, so curtain appropriate USES warm color (orange, yellow, etc.) promote appetite such colour design not only can improve the person's appetite, psychologically and can build a kind of sweet atmosphere together when the restaurant space and sitting room, the color of the curtain wants to be coordinated with the sitting room.

05 /  Home office

Home office style asks simple but elegant is easy, the daylighting of requirement on the choice of curtain cloth art is good and bright, can choose shutter curtain most of the time, can isolate privacy already, also do not affect the light to appear the quietly elegant attune such as beige white of camel color can be used on sexual color, build quiet composed atmosphere, be helpful to work and study. 

06 /  Kitchen

As a building element of household space, the adornment of the kitchen should not be ignored your kitchen can lack an ingredient of a knife, but absolutely can not lack of one seat grinding quality life beautiful curtain very many families like to use the clean white serves as the fundamental key of kitchen space to the kitchen, on the choice of the curtain is better to plant flowers design, selection of colour and lustre with bright color for the small space in the kitchen, it is better to stripe curtain takes color should be consistent with the kitchen household color such not only can be outspread space dimensions on visual sense, but also can be very good separated layers .When the choice USES advanced ash to regard the fundamental key of kitchen space as, the choice appropriate of the curtain does not jump off colorific to join with same color for beautiful, the visual feeling of the space can be more harmonious.

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