The introduction of three main styles of zebra curtain
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The introduction of three main styles of zebra curtain

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Introduction to three main styles of zebra curtain

The zebra curtain is made of small pieces of fabric and gauze of equal width that are interspersed with each other, and one section is tightly woven and another section is hollow. It can be found in both offices and coffee shops

Zebra curtain in accordance with the operation mode, can be roughly divided into manual rope andelectric winding

1. manually pull rope type

Using single ring shaft pull rope control system, fixed through one end, the other end with the axis of the rolling and reach the goal of regulating light.

Full box top groove design, when the curtain is completely closed, the curtain cloth is completely hidden in the top slot, effectively protect the curtain cloth so as not to cut accidentally.

2.electric winding

Automatic form, tubular motor operation, some products can also cooperate with remote control

Zebra curtain function

 When gauze and gauze coincide, the light is relatively soft, can reduce the direct light to a certain extent.


Zebra curtain has a variety of styles ,different style function will be different ,most of these styles are divided according to the use of fabric .

Zebra curtain

Zebra curtain fabric is mostly polyester ,hemp and nylon,according to different fabric shading effect can be divided into semi-shading zebra curtain imitation linen zebra curtain and full shading zebra curtain shading effect from low to high .

1.Zebra curtain with half shade

One of the most common zebra curtain design ,using polyester fabric woven,shading effect has about 50%.

Can be widely used in office ,coffee shop ,home and other palces with good light permeability effect,good strength ,easy to wash and dry semi-shading zebra curtain pattern has a lot of ,look at the following two designs.

Black silk texture

Corrugated texture

2、 imitation linen zebra curtain

Use copy hemp fabrics, shading effect compares half shading zebra shade to be close friends, can achieve 75% of fabrics of primitive simplicity and easy the natural and beautiful effect that has bamboo wood hemp reed kind of curtain already, can adjust light at will at the any time .

Linen-like fibers are made of polyester acrylic acetate fibers and viscose fibers, among which polyester filament fibers and acrylic staple fibers have the best effect

Double-color texture

Three -color texture

3、Zebra curtain with full shade

The use of full shading fabric, can achieve more than 90% shading effect, to ensure a good private space, such as the living room bedroom

Full shading and half shading, mainly fabric material selection is different, that is, there is a difference in curtain thickness, full shading to a few thick 

embroidery processing

Double jacquard texture

Electric zebra curtain is the mainstream of the current market supply, can liberate the hands of users, but also can make the home living environment more comfortable and intelligent

Zebra curtain 1 goes down 

Zebra curtain 2 goes down 

Zebra curtain 1、2go down meantime 

Zebra curtain 1、2 shade flip meantime 

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