The home that does not install wind proof shutter is incomplete
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The home that does not install wind proof shutter is incomplete

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The home that does not install wind proof shutter is incomplete

As consumers pursue lighting and outdoor landscape more and more strongly, large area windows are used more and more widely.However, under the bright outside of the glass building, hidden a series of problems: greenhouse effect, high energy consumption, solar radiation...As people to environmental protection, green, safety and other aspects of the pursuit, wind shutter gradually into the home.


Wind curtain a key rise, fall or stay in any position, even in the indoor can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, can effectively reduce the indoor temperature, greatly reduce the refrigeration energy consumption is the most important, care for the comfort and health of the human body.Windproof shutter has the following important advantages:

1. Sun protection

Windproof shutter can reflect most of the sunlight, but also can adjust the indoor sunlight, its use does not take up space.


2.Wind - proof shutter with wind - resistant, shading and sand - resistant capacity.A protective screen was added to the doors and Windows of the building.


3. Good decoration

Strong or contrasting colors can easily give people a sense of impact in the visual aspect. The key to enhance the aesthetic value of modern architecture and the value of art appreciation is to control the color configuration and visual texture.


Wind curtain is a very wide range of USES, through the following three product cases to see where it is used in the end.

01. wide retractable windproof shutter retractable screen is pulled down to provide sun protection and insect protection as well as natural ventilation.When not in use, the windscreen neatly rolls into the storage reel, entering the compact 3-inch protective housing.


This retractable windproof shutter is mainly applicable to the following places:

The courtyard


A door




Vision window

The so-called wide width is mainly reflected in its weaving size. Generally, the electric control size is 120*108cm, while the manual size is relatively large, 174*108cm.(in inches below)

Weaving color scheme is also relatively rich, mainly as follows:

From its size, we can know that its operation mode is divided into manual operation and electric operation. Electric operation is controlled by remote control. In order to facilitate manual control, this product adopts different handles and adds a manual spring to assist manual operation.

02 wide transparent vinyl windscreen

Use wide transparent vinyl windscreen, which can effectively block out the sun and provide a clear view of the surrounding landscape.It can prevent both insects and wind and rain weather, easy to operate.When not in use, transparent vinyl is neatly in sight of fan

The enclosure is enclosed in a compact 6 "protective enclosure.

Since transparent, it proves the particularity of the use of materials, using vinyl materials, crystal clear, has a good light transmittance, but it can prevent the entry of ultraviolet rays, see the scenery and cool both wrong!

Colors of vinyl materials are available

This product is often used in the following places:

The courtyard

Outdoor eating space:

Size and control mode of wide-width transparent vinyl windscreen:

The size

Control method

03 super wide windscreen

When the ultra-wide windproof shutter studio, it can block the sunlight and insects on the one hand, on the other hand, it can maintain the natural wind and protect the privacy of users.When not in use, it can be neatly rolled into a compact 6 "protective housing.

Due to its wide width, this product is widely used in the following large areas:

The courtyard


More open space

Folding door

The super wide windproof shutter size is much larger than the above two styles, the general size is: 288*156cm.


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