The choice of the children curtain has many skills
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The choice of the children curtain has many skills

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The choice of children curtain has skill very much

The choice of children room curtain, want to consider the beauty of curtain oneself not only, still need to undertake collocation integratedly whole house style.

Curtain color

The color of the curtain had better choose the same with room color , in order to maintain the integral beauty of the room, also can prevent generation mixed and disorderly sense.

The whole color department in the children's room presents pink department, all kinds of lovely dolls, it can be seen that this should be the little princess's room with lace pink curtains, it is really very warm and beautiful, let the child grow up in a loving environment.

The room large area the element of blue and white interphase, typical Mediterranean style, so the curtain also used such element one by one, give a person on the whole azure and lively feeling.

Wood color and white furniture suit collocation shallow apricot curtain, whole children room looks contracted warmth, gutty Nordic wind.

The color of the curtain still can undertake choosing according to the color of wall, children room gray green wall is tie-in white furniture, by half tall curtain, wall star hangs an ornament, simple but elegant quiet do not break tong zhen again however.


When the wall of the room and furniture are white, the color of the curtain can choose bright color, for example yellow, yellow curtain lets whole space be full of vigor, suit children room.

But the colour of a lot of children room is not only rich, and the thing inside the room is more miscellaneous, adornment sex element is very much, the curtain that often chooses plain coloured at this moment is right

All sorts of bright-coloured color inside children room, adornment sex element is tie-in together, full of childish interest and joy, but color is too much and the curtain that does not have key word tie-in light color pure color, won't make a mistake the decorative pattern of the curtain.

If feel pure color curtain too too common and drab, also can add a few designs on the curtain.

Choose a color system or pattern that is consistent with the more conspicuous objects in the room. It is correct to follow the pattern of the quilt cover.

If there are patterns on the walls, the curtains can also be decorated with the same pattern as the walls. The light green walls can be reflected in front of the eyes first, which gives a fresh and natural feeling. Therefore, the curtains can also be green, full of vitality.

The design of the curtain still can have his characteristic, can make the one big window curtain of the room so simple geometrical modelling collocation wood is lubricious cabinet, plush bear doll and adornment object, what let a person know to go is Nordic style, so appropriate curtain design can model the integral style of the room more.


Children room also can choose to have a variety of cartoon printing curtains, it will appear to be lively, most children room full of tong qu is a cartoon elements, so the cartoon appeared on the curtain also is right choice the design of children room curtain, can from children's psychology, such as choose the star pattern, let the child's emotions can quiet down, help to sleep again, still can choose a variety of cartoon design, let the children feel cordial feeling also let the children room present green vigor .

Besides the collocation of the curtain needs to consider, still need attention, the curtain of children room had better choose double layer curtain, when sunshine is too sufficient by day, with thin curtain keep out, use thick curtain at night, give the child a quiet morpheus environment. 

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