Smart home era, still pull the curtain by hand
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Smart home era, still pull the curtain by hand

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Smart home era, still pull the curtain by hand

Hand-rolled Windows are a thing of the past in the car industry!

So, in the age of smart home, do you still use your hands to control the curtain.

With the improvement of living standard and the development of high-tech, intelligent home has become an inevitable trend of comfortable life. Compared with the traditional curtain, intelligent home curtain does not need to be pulled manually. It is especially convenient in villas, high-grade office buildings, exhibition halls, large meeting rooms and other places

Intelligent and automatic curtain can make home life more convenient and comfortable. At present, common shading products can be automated, creating a new use experience and meeting people's needs to improve the quality of life.

1、open and close curtain

It is the most classic and common product in household curtain. The intelligent system saves inconvenience and makes life more interesting.

2、roller curtain

To the such requirement of large area, roller shade suits most nevertheless, and cover an area of an area small, the curtain cloth of level off serves as adornment also is a very good choice, cooperate automatic switch, more show advanced.

3、Honeycomb shade

Honeycomb shade is widely used in foreign countries, it not only has good shading performance but also has the effect of constant temperature and noise prevention can be applied to a variety of Spaces such as attic bedroom kitchen.


Through electric control of its switch and blade rotation Angle,accurate control of sunlight ,to achieve arbitrary shading settings.

5、Ceiling curtain

The manual operation of the ceiling curtain is relatively difficult ,and the electric device best solves this problem ,endowing the most convenient design for the sunlight room greenhouse and so on .

Intelligent curtain machine is mainly divided into mechanical and control two parts of the current market common intelligent curtain mechanical transmission form rope traction belt drive linear motor traction and rolling screw drive .

The realization of the intelligent curtain function and automation mainly rely on the intelligent remote control system ,diverse control system to meet the needs of humanization ,there are mainly the following several ways :

1.Fixed switch control:

Press the”on‘’or ‘’off“button,and the curtain will open and close automatically .In this way ,users can control the size range of curtain opening and closing as they wish.The fixed switch can avoid inconvenience caused by remote control failure or loss .

2 infrared remote control:

Infrared remote control is through the remote control to control the curtain open and close ,laugh infrared emission devise or ordinary household appliances remote control ,convenient and affordable,can be a muti-purpose .

3.Mobile phones control :

control open and off the curtain ,also can set up the opening ratio of the curtain in the mobile phone software can achieve remote control ,no longer afraid of forget to pull the curtain also can set the episodic memory function ,and sleep when closed,the illicit close sex of the watch all the afternoon half shade ,a key to solve all scenarios .

4.Timing control:

Timing control is to control the opening or closing of the curtain by setting the opening or closing time in the timer .For example set up the time to get up and sleep ,turn it on automatically when you get up early ,and turn it off automatically when you go to bed .

5.Light intensity control:

Light intensity control is to use photoelectric sensor, according to illumination to automatically control the curtain open and close, in the light is more intense the curtain will automatically close and do not make indoor by intense illumination to make your living environment healthy without worry, to the family the healthiest care.

6.Voice control:

Voice control is a relatively economical, convenient and simple control mode, it only needs people to use high-fives or other sound way to control the curtain opening and closing, is not super convenient

7.Voice control :

Voice will cause interference, might as well try voice control, intelligent curtain system can understand the master's words, sleep as long as said to close the curtain, the bedroom curtain will slowly close.

Compare with common curtain, function sex is a big window of electric curtain, also be one of the leading roles that intelligence lives in times.

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