Shutter window decoration and public space shading is a natural pair
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Shutter window decoration and public space shading is a natural pair

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Shutter window decoration and public space shading is a natural pair

Public space, in a narrow sense, refers to outdoor space and indoor space for the public use of urban residents' daily life and social life, including streets, squares, parks, sports venues, etc.The indoor part includes school library, business place, hotel, home-stay, etc.

So how can we reduce the temperature of indoor public space and make people comfortable in such an environment.

The use of rolling curtains in public spaces is an effective and complete solution to reduce solar heat.It can make all aspects of public space more comfortable, such as total temperature shading degree and environmental effect.Specifically, the use of rolling curtains can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% and reduce indoor energy consumption.

1. what is the roller curtain in public space

Public use by technical woven shade of dark and reflective white yarn, yarn can be enhanced heat reflection, dark yarn provides unparalleled reflecting surface heat, reduce indoor heat radiation and more comfortable working space in reducing the whole visible light transmission, thus obtained excellent vision, glare control and traditional brunet fabrics of the same light, let indoor of near infrared reflectance increases 64% uv blocking can reach about 95% 99%.

2. What materials do you have for rolling curtains in public space rolling curtains for metal public Spaces.

characteristic:With unique glass fiber core yarn and metal surface treatment structure, the fabric can provide excellent glare control, thermal comfort and perspective effect, is used for commercial projects of high-performance shading fabric while the use of aluminum back coating, also makes this type of shutter has a unique scratch resistance and higher solar reflectivity.

This enhanced metallization layer also provides hydrophobic finishes to repel water and oil, improving durability and providing new flexibility for installation in humid climates.

Fiber public space roller blinds

Features: the biggest advantage of fiber roller curtain is environmental protection, one is polyester fiber, one is glass fiber it is made of 100% recycled materials, does not contain PVC shading fabric,100% recyclable, but also can provide the same as the traditional fabric glare control performance, can save energy, use natural light and maintain indoor comfort.

The window treatment, which promotes solar control by reducing solar heat, is the complete solution for sustainable buildings. It can customize the shadow area, thus achieving the lighting strategy of green buildings that can not only provide glare control shadow, but also allow sufficient natural light.

In addition, such as durability, cleanliness and fabric life is also one of the highlights of its economic benefits because of this, a lot of institutions just need to choose the rolling curtain scheme can effectively achieve the lighting strategy of green building at the same time can let the natural light enough.

Strong function makes the shutter in the public space window decoration application is very wide ,the public places use the shutter is very many ,almost every corner of the public space has its shadow .


Business space

Office space

Entertainment places  

Meeting room

With the development of science and technology and intelligence, electric shutter is increasingly popular in the market, electric shutter by automatically adjust the height to achieve the shade that compensation change throughout the day, it is very suitable for use in a large place, more intelligent design simple and flexible operation of sensor, also makes it very popular in America, many public places will use it

1 privacy protection

Rolling curtains can be used to cover windows well and effectively protect private privacy in some public places

2 high-end atmosphere

The electric roller curtain is more flexible than other kinds of curtain in public space. The remote control can be controlled from anywhere by simple touch or slide, which is very smart and fashionable

3.Intelligent control of light

Intelligent electric shutter can control and filter the amount of sunlight entering the room, when the sunlight hurts the human body is automatically lowered to shade to prevent the light from entering the room.

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