Honeycomb blinds
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Honeycomb blinds

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Honeycomb curtain has a unique honeycomb structure, so that air storage in the hollow layer, so that indoor temperature, insulation, heat preservation, "energy-saving curtain" reputation.

1,Heat preservation and heat insulation

Through the structural design of honeycomb curtain, a unique barrier layer can be formed in the hollow "honeycomb", allowing air to stay in the "honeycomb".




It is like a natural air protection pad, which can protect against the heat in summer and the cold in winter. The double-layer design can well block airflow, prevent dust and filter pollution particles in the air.



2 Adjust the indoor environment at home

The use of honeycomb curtain can make room temperature to achieve a very good balance effect, do use solar energy to reduce energy consumption, at the same time, hollow honeycomb curtain can also play a good sound insulation effect, make life more comfortable


 1. Honeycomb curtain is an effective solution to the high energy consumption of home life because most Windows are not equipped with energy utilization technology, such as solar, wind and thermal energy are wasted

 The honeycomb curtain ACTS as a natural air protector, creating a unique climate constant zone around the window, keeping the indoor temperature from being directly affected by the high temperature and cold climate outside.



According to experiments conducted by relevant research institutions, honeycomb curtain has excellent energy performance: 1. In summer, the temperature around the window can be reduced by 49%; 2.2. In winter, the indoor energy consumption can be saved by 12%;3. Can effectively protect indoor personnel from excessive solar radiation;4. Excellent privacy protection



2. Honeycomb curtain is an effective tool to reduce indoor temperature

If there's a hot summer outside, a beehive curtain is a great way to keep the house cool. Because its temperature-regulated cavities retain heat well.

Honeycomb curtains block out intense thermal radiation and reduce heat around Windows by up to 78%.

At the same time, the honeycomb curtain prevents strong uv rays from entering the room, thanks to the internal operation of the honeycomb and technical components:

1. High-quality housing privacy and sun protection

2. In summer, up to 78% of calories are absorbed

3. Multi-functional solar radiation protection system




3. Honeycomb curtain is a magic weapon that reduces indoor noise influence

Through the relevant research institutions to verify and confirm the honeycomb curtain sound insulation characteristics is good, is an effective solution to indoor noise reduction. Below graph, sound is passed in from the left after, cut off through honeycomb shade, wave form when coming out again will shorten, achieve the effect that removes noise.

Unlike traditional noise reduction facilities, the honeycomb curtain can be used perfectly in many places, such as offices, meeting rooms and living rooms.





3 to adjust the indoor lighting the natural light in the room of that person's life is very important, particularly strong in the sun, people in order to avoid the ultraviolet radiation and light irradiation directly, only the Windows closed and pull the curtain, it would completely blocking sunlight for indoor use honeycomb shade can perfectly control the light, to achieve the best lighting effects, but also not indoor ventilated breathe freely


Honeycomb curtain shading and dimming compatibility performance is very good, can be weakened the light into the indoor, make the space to get comfortable brightness



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