Beautiful kitchen curtain designs case to share
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Beautiful kitchen curtain designs case to share

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Beautiful kitchen curtain designs case to share

Protect privacy

Have a lot of building age bigger village room, floor space is relatively close, some is a building has 3 or 4, general kitchen connects a sitting room again, do not install curtain to be seen very easily, especially in the evening open the lamp, it is every move simply by panoramic view.

Sun block

When the kitchen meets direct sunlight, sunlight to the refrigerator is likely to increase energy consumption and accelerate the aging of the refrigerator, and sunlight to the wooden cabinet is easy to change color, aging and cracking, so it is necessary to add a shade curtain.

1.Open kitchen, the opposite side of the kitchen window is very close to the neighbors, you can use Venetian curtains to keep out, and at the same time ensure the lighting.

2.Or it is to use shade gauze shade, assure privacy while also can make the light maintains fully.

3.If the kitchen window is very small, you can use film or plastic transparent shutter, which can not only ensure the light and privacy, but also facilitate the removal and sanitation at any time

Besides, the adornment means of kitchen curtain still has a lot of, the most important still wants the style according to oneself and actual circumstance, will choose the curtain adornment that suits oneself kitchen window.

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